Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 3.

Fresh Fruit

So today is THE day for many of you. The first day of the cleanse. How exciting! Im so proud of you for making the decision to clean out your body. Be prepared. Today and tomorrow will be tough. You may experience withdrawal headaches and cravings. Push through. You can do it. Always know that these symptoms are your body's way of ridding toxins and cleaning itself out. This isn't dangerous, its purification. Don't be tempted to turn back, it will get easier.

By the time you get to day 5, this is what your plan will look like.

7am Glass of warm lemon water, followed by shake and apple juice
8am Breakfast (preferably fruit) & Glass of water
12:00pm Lunch
3PM Shake + chaser (water)
6pm Dinner
10pm/before bed – ProBiotic
Also adding in: Exercise

The following steps are to be added to the steps already outlined for day 1 & 2.

Day 3
Your headaches should be gone by now, and it is important to introduce some gentle exercise to get things moving through the body. If you are able to add some yoga at this point – great. Otherwise walking each day for 30 minutes is perfect. Don't push too hard. Your body is going through some massive changes, so gentle is the key.

Step 6. SHAKE & PRO-BIOTIC as with Step 3, Now add an extra shake to the program. Take this shake after lunch, and then take your pro-biotic before bedtime each night.

Your menu for today might look something like this:
Fruit Salad for Breakfast, For lunch Bean Soup as outline in the Recipes email & Roast Veggies for dinner (chicken or fish optional)

Enjoy your day!


  1. I am riding the cleansing wave, have a headache, but feel awesome already. My fruit filled me up and I had a little helper eating it with me.

    Do we take the pro biotic today, or should I say tonight?

    off for the exercise! xx

  2. Yep... awesomeness ! Same Q re Pro Biotic.. when do we start this?

  3. Is it too late for me to start tomorrow?

  4. Probiotic you start day three. (see above in this blog entry). Vicki you can start anytime! We are all starting today, I've just put the blog posts up in advance so you can plan ahead x


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