Sunday, August 15, 2010

eat greener - get your mind ready for Step-temper Cleansing!

eat greener
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Im not missing - Im just busy. I've been working on your Step-tempber cleanse!

Im getting really excited about this. Being able to simply outline several steps for you to follow, in aim of better healthy and fertility. A cleaner, healthier and more fertile you! (and before you back away now, Stop! Fertile doesn't = babies. Fertile = being healthy in all areas, including reproductive organs.)

For those who have missed it - Im devising a simple, yet effective 7 day cleanse starting on the first day of spring. Its similar to what we have in the clinic - The Pagoda Tree. Our Spring Body Cleanse is of course, individually tailored to each patient, and delivers the best results. However, it has become apparent by your emails and comments that you would like to join me in cleansing, and so, this is the best way I can see to safely deliver it to you. Not the easiest of tasks, but something I can see a real need for.

Im going to start posting what you need to do in preparation for this. There isn't too much involved, but rather a gradual progression each of the 7 days to feeling amazing. You will need an open mind, an open heart and if possible a support person. Surely you know of somebody else you can have do this with you?

For now, all you need to do is start preparing yourself for September 1st. The first day of your cleanse. Clear your calender for the week, or at least be aware that for this week you will be 'spring cleaning' your body.

I can hardly wait!


  1. awesome.... I hope you are my buddy. you better support me from those chocolate eating moments. x

  2. Can booby feeding mummy's do it?

  3. Looking forward to this Nat. Im overseas until the 2nd so I hope I can still manage this!

  4. Peta - you can jump onboard when you get back, or just start at day one then. Bel, sorry sweets, not for booby feeding mummas. And the rest of you, one word. Awesome!


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