Monday, August 9, 2010

Spring Body Challenge... come join me!


This is what I wrote on my Facebook page yesterday "Spring is in the air! Almost the perfect time to cleanse the body. Who's in?? The countdown is on... I dare you to join me!" And lo and behold, I’m astounded by the amount of comments that followed. I was putting my thoughts out there - Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the body, and that we all should consider an annual clean out. It appears, that now many of you want to join me! So I've been brain storming and thinking about how best we can go about spring cleaning our bodies, in an environment where we can be supported. The cleanses we have implemented at The Pagoda Tree are tailored to the individual patient, and carefully designed to meet their body’s requirements. This gives brilliant results- including an eating plan, as well as herbal medicines, acupuncture treatment and post cleanse support to ensure maximum benefits. In my opinion, this is the ultimate and most effective way to rid the body of toxins. It gives the body a 're-boot', aids in weightloss, maximises fertility and makes it an awesome machine for the warmer months.

And since you are all so eager to join in, it got me thinking just how I can safely and effectively deliver this to everybody. The solution: Step-tember body clean out! I admit, it isn't an easy task to co-ordinate something like this without physically seeing each of you, however if the cleanse is outlines in several steps for each day , I think we can do it! Of course it will not be as specific as an 'in-clinic' cleanse but my intentions are to create something that is effective and safe to optimise health.

So conger up your friends, perhaps link them to this blog, and we can see how many we can get on track in the quest for better health in September!


  1. I'm in.. I think.. Am feeling a little scared, but it sounds like a great idea!

  2. This is what I need. Count me in.

  3. I am in too - I think my body will thank me (or you) for it!

  4. of course I am in.... up for a nat challenge. bring it on.

  5. I'll be in too, I came via Hayley's blog. This is just what I need! I will link through my blog later this morning too. Thanks!


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