Monday, August 16, 2010

Why cleanse?

Cherry Blossom

There has been a lot of recent attention focused on 'cleansing' in relation to its necessity and effectiveness. I have to agree with some of what has been published; over the counter 'kits' don't properly support the body and may be harmful and damaging because not one size fits all when it comes to cleansing. However, I am here to tell you, your body can only benefit from the right type of cleanse.

Cleanses are absolutely necessary to rid the body of toxic matter that builds up and literally lodges itself right through the gut. Your gut is your bodies own cleansing mechanism, however, what we ingest, breathe and wash ourselves in, isn't doing our bodies justice. Potentially our bodies would do an awesome job of eradicating waste, if we put into it cleaner things including, less toxic food, water free from nasty pesticides, antibiotics and drugs.

By now you would know that I have put it out there that I am running Step-tember Body Clean Out. Im challenging all to join me in a very simple and basic cleanse that EVERYBODY can do. All you need is to give me 7 days (from September 1 - 8), where each day I will add 2 steps for you to add on. So, the initial day will be 2 steps, the second day 4 steps and by the time we get to day 5, all 10 steps will have been outlined. You will continue with these 10 steps for a further 2 days (or longer should you want to continue to feel awesome). Its that easy! Of course, should you require something more specific, its best to come into The Pagoda Treewhere we can dig deeper, with a supported Spring Body Cleanse.

On Monday the 30th of August, I will be posting the complete cleanse, with the aim of us all doing it together commencing September 1st. You can start at anytime, however I know it will be great to all be in a somewhat supported environment, where you can ask questions via my blog at anytime or email me. Its' going to be a perfect start to spring and a perfect start to an awesome you for September!

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  1. This sounds great - I am really looking forward to doing a proper cleanse x


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