Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do you Green Clean?

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Well over a year ago, I made the switch to Clean Green. I wanted (and needed!) a safe, chemical free and non toxic living space. So I got rid of the nasty cleaning products and replaced them with Greener Cleaning devices, methods and substances. I got my house healthy!

Some household chemicals are so potent, they have a very toxic and damaging effect on the human body. Studies have indicated that ingredients in many household products affect the endocrine system, resulting in a higher production of hormones, linked to infertility as well as other diseases like cancer.

Each and every day in the clinic The Pagoda Tree, I see couples faced with fertility issues. There is not ever one reason as to why a couple might find themselves in this situation, it is an accumulation of factors including lifestyle, diet, environmental factors, genetics and constitution. Some of these we can change and implementing simples changes, like green cleaning can only every have a positive outcome on the body and the home.

I thoroughly enjoy knowing my house is clean and healthy. I admit, I probably need to clean more regularly than before, but thats not necessarily a bad thing, it is actually easier if I do it every 5 days or so anyway. I thought you might like my easy tips or a cleaner, greener home. So I've listed them for you!

1. Invest in Enjo. This cleaning system rocks, it saves heaps of time and in the long run money. It is a little bit costly to set up, but you can start with the bare minimum. You can of course still clean green without Enjo, you might require a little bit more elbow grease, but its good exercise anyway!

2. Make Bicarb Soda your friend! I use it in the toilets and around sinks and drains. You can also use it in your washing to brighten whites. This stuff rocks!

3. If you don't have time, you can still switch to greener supermarket products. They are often cheeper and extremely effective. They are of course good for the environment also.

4. Clean more for less. If you clean every 5-7 days, you can stay on top of nasties and make it easier on yourself.

5. No shoes inside - so good for so many reasons as well as for the bottoms of your feet!
Chemicals And Infertility: How Your Soap Powder Could Be Damaging Your Fertility


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