Monday, August 23, 2010

7 days and Counting!

Its time to Cleanse, and put the coffee and toast on hold for a little over a week. Images by Hayley from Little Pinwheel

Yes, you read right. 7 days until I turn your life upside down and then around. You have 7 days to get your mind, heart & soul ready to clean your very insides out! I know some of you are scared, and others excited. Whatever your gut is telling you, its going to be so clean you can eat off starting Wednesday 1st of September.

Have you got your support person handy? Of course, I vowed to Hayley from Little Pinwheel that I would be there to hold her hand the entire way through. I also promised her that I would put together some steps for this week leading into the cleanse. Probably a good idea for all of you intending to participate in my Step-tember Body Clean Out. Even more so relevant to those of us who might live on a diet of Chicken Schnitzels, Toast and Coffee.... none of which (sorry but the truth hurst sometimes!) are included in my 10 cleansing steps. So for the Hayley's amongst us, lets start getting ready! From this Wednesday its a good idea to get into 'pre-cleanse' mode. Its not hard, its quite simple really. Here's what I suggest you do!

Days 1 - 3
Begin cutting coffee & stimulants down, if you have 3 cups a day (GASP!!) cut it down to 2 and then 1 so by the third day you are only having one. By day 4 we are going to cut this out all together. If your a stimulant kind-a chick (or bloke) this is going to be a slight challenge but, you will be much better for it in the long run if you can. You might be best using some green tea to assist.
Days 4 - 6
Were at the no coffee stage here. Its time to slightly pear back on the amount of foods you are eating in preparation. You should be aiming to eat roughly 3/4 of what you would normally eat, also beginning to eliminate processed and refined foods. By tomorrow, there should be none of these eaten.
Day 7
Open heart, Open mind. Get ready for an awesome 7 days cleansing!
Being the hydrating process and start having at least 6 glasses per day.

Im so excited about kicking this off. You are going to need two things (besides certain foods - all of which shouldn't be too far out of the ordinary). Step-tember Shake is a blend of several ingredients aimed at clearing waste through the gut. If you are cleansing with me, be sure to contact me to get this. You might attempt to do the cleanse without it, but it will be no where as effective. Its available from The Pagoda Tree. I can send it out to you, with postage, is $25. You also need to get yourself a pro-biotic. You can get this from your chemist, something like Inner Health Plus is perfect.

The cleansing guidelines will be up on Monday, to commence Wednesday. I can't wait for you all to begin this journey to Spring!

And finally, whilst we are on the topic of Hayley, Open Heart & Open Mind, you need to wander over to one of her blogs Little Pinwheel Blog and my personal fave The Trousse ...they are both awesome. Be sure to follow her journey as a women, mum and in the near future and happy cleanser!


  1. I wish I could swear in my comment, but instead I will suck it up and enjoy my 3 coffees today! Today is going to be like cramming everything in. I have schnitzel for dinner tonight too. I hope that means I have another week of eating my favourite dinner!!

    off I go, I can hear my coffee calling me, oh and that awesome soft fluffy white bread. The kind of bread that inflates in your belly and hangs around for a few hours.

    you have your hands full with me Nat! xx

  2. Nat - I AM SCARED. I have enough trouble taking olive leaf extract - and now you mention a shake?! Ok Ok. I will email you, pay you and be a full signed up member of this cleanse. I am in. x

  3. It's really not bad. It's taken with juice & tastes quite bland. You'll be fine x

  4. Ohhh Hayley ! .. I did not know u were doing this too! .. wooooop! .... I will hold your hand too xxxx

  5. Nat I'm really interested in doing this however I am going away on holidays so I think I will start this when I get back in mid-September... is it ok to contact you after that to buy the shake?


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