Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2

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Day 2.
Were almost ready to begin - and I'm putting up these posts two days in advance so that you can be best prepared. I admit I have had a little headache because I have started eliminating foods already. But Im really excited and can't wait to feel 100% cleansed and well. It is truly an awesome feeling! I hope you are all organised and ready. You will find below the steps for day 2, which you will add to those outlined on Day 1.

The addition of the ‘shake’ begins today. Have your initial glass of lemon water, then your shake, and then followed this with a glass of water. This doesn’t need to be gulped down in one go, but its best to get the cleansing shake down as it solidifies and makes it difficult to drink. To take this shake, mix 1 teaspoon in a glass of half apple juice and half water (or to your tasting).

Step 4. Moving the BOWELS – it’s a must.
Bowels need to be moved daily to rid of toxic build up in the body. It’s going to be up to the individual to asses this. Elimination should be at least once a day if not twice when cleansing.
Example of today’s meals would be: ¾ of your regular breakfast – i.e. fruit and yoghurt or porridge. ¾ amount of your lunch and same for dinner. An example of a good lunch is a salad of spinach leaves, tomato, capscium, avacado, dressed with oil and vinegar. Dinner may be organic chicken with veggies. Processed foods are out. Healthy food is in! Snacks may be hummus dip with carrot & cucumber sticks or perhaps nuts and dried fruit. Don't overdo it though, remember we are moving into the real cleansing phase tomorrow.

Today you practice steps 1 – 4. This means: Water, No stimulants, morning shake and moving the bowels.


  1. Ok- so I thort I wld ask my questions here- in case anyone else wants the amswers! .. I can not see chicken on either list- Alk or ac ? are we allowed chicken? Also- are dried fruits ok ? Like apricots ? Lastly how do I make the lemon water? assuming just lemon juice and water ! lol

  2. oh, same question as Lou, can we have chicken?? Is poached ok? What can I have with the shake as I do not really like apple juice?


  3. You can have chicken the first three days. From that time on we go vegan for a period of 4 days although its not strictly vegan as Im allowing fish if necessary. Chicken is Acidic forming - so we are slowly pearing back rather than a big shock to the system.
    Dried fruits and nuts are fine. Lemon water is lemon juice squeezed into water - it can be a bit tricky that part, especially if you squirt it in your eye. lol
    Please always ask questions here because its likely that somebody else has the same questions! x

  4. thanks darlin.. I have been doing the lemon juice in water first thing for 6 wks now! .. so I am feeling rather smug !

  5. Okay, I usually drink between 1-3 cups of tea per day and I cut them out today in preparation for the cleanse.. but now I have the worst headache ever.. is that normal?

  6. Katie-totally normal, its withdrawal! Awful but it will pass and you will begin to feel amazing. I hope your ok. Lou - your set! xo

  7. Nat, I was looking at getting some nuts as a snack if I need, but noticed that the nuts listed on the alkaline forming foods are also listed on the acid forming list. (Cashews, brazil, peanuts). So does this mean we shouldn't really be eating these. I am fine with that if that is the case, I will just stick to pumpkin seeds/pepitas/sunflower seeds...

    And under the protein list, it says Nuts -Soaked. And also Almonds-Soaked. So does that mean we have to soak any nuts we eat? And why do we have to soak? I think I will just steer clear of them if I have to soak them, they'd be all strange and un-crunchy!!

  8. Don't worry about soaking the nuts. Whilst it is best for digestion, Im not overly fussed on you doing this. If you want to soak, of course by all means you can.
    I took some of the acid forming foods (the mildly acid forming foods) and put them onto the alkaline forming chart. So anything you see on both would mean that they are ok to have. All foods vary in terms of how acid or alkaline forming they are in the body. I hope that helps! You can have any nuts - thats fine.


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