Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coping with my Cold

To be honest, I actually think its worse than a Cold. But Im labeling it that, because it certainly isn't a bad flu. I usually get 1 cold each year. This is my second this year, and whilst I sit here wondering why, Im drawn to scratch my leg - Im drawn to the spider bite that appeared three days ago. So I wonder, is my body trying to fight the spider bite and my immunity is lower as a result? Perhaps.

Whatever the reason the reality is, my throat is sore, my head is sore and my brain hurts! So I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been doing to ease the symptoms. Im a firm believer that if the body is able and generally in good health, it will fight a cold and flu itself. We don't like to stop and rest when we are sick, and this is potentially why colds can get really nasty. So I have taken today off, to rest. Im not exactly how restful it was with both my husband and Olivia running about the place, but I did my best.

To treat my sore throat I have been making up herbal tea decoctions of lemon, honey and ginger. Don't underestimate these simple ingredients. I literally boil the kettle, squeeze lemon into a cup of piping hot water, add honey and ginger and let it brew for 5 minutes. Most citrus fruits will sooth a sore throat as they are acidic and the strong pH may help to kill germs present. Gargling with warm sea salted water does a similar thing for the same reason. The honey (good quality honey) is a natural antibiotic and the ginger aids to open up the pores and allow the body to sweat it out. This is a natural body response to illness. When we suppress this, it takes a lot longer for things to get better.

Lets not forget Garlic! My great grandma was known for her breakfasts of grated garlic on toast! She never got sick. Garlic has the ability to treat either a viral or bacterial sore throat. Even adding it to roasted veggies is an excellent way to eat it.

Making sure your diet is supporting your body when it isn't functioning properly is really necessary. Cutting out dairy certainly helps to lessen phlegm production and allows the gut to function well. This will in turn increase immunity and the bodies ability to get better quicker. We generally don't feel hungry when we are unwell, but eating is a must. The body needs fuel to work harder when you are ill. Be sure to include plenty of soups and stews. They will provide awesome nourishment to every part of your body.

Simple ideas like these can make big differences to the bodies natural healing process. There are many remedies out there that do amazing things for the body. At the very least be kind to yourself at this time and support your body as best you can. Every body system relies on it - especially your fertility!

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