Friday, June 4, 2010

Lyla is here!

If you remember back to Wednesdays blog, I spoke of my beautiful friend who was attempting to have a natural birth following on from her previous cesarian. Well this morning she did it and I cannot tell you how proud I am of her and her lovely husband.

I received an sms this morning at 2 am saying that she was one hour into her labour, with contractions every 4 minutes! 4 MINTUES! I didn't actually see this sms until 4am, but I knew that at that time, she would most certainly be nearing closer to meeting her baby girl. I lied awake from 4 - 5am hoping to receive news. I was too excited to sleep! And then, at 6:45am, my phone beeped and sure enough the news came through that she was here and all was well! Another 5 hour labour.

Im so proud of both of my friends this week. I know both worked through various struggles both physically and mentally to fully prepare themselves for their pending births. Given that Belinda who gave birth today got her VBAC demonstrates to me that taking charge of your pregnancy and birth allows the mother to be in control. It is this control and mental focus that got both mothers through these births this week.

From word go, Belinda and I talked a lot about her birth, and it became apparent to her that it was very possible for her to attempt a VBAC. I made it my promise to her that I would do everything I could to make this happen for her. She had acupuncture weekly from 36 weeks, and last night we preformed induction acupuncture also.

So Im really tired, though lack of sleep from excitement. I wanted to share quickly and pop up a few pics of the two beautiful bundles I got to meet today! Enjoy.

Meet Kade - born 2nd June
Meet Lyla - born today! 4th June

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