Saturday, June 19, 2010

Get ready for your 'Spring Cleaning!'

I’m quite grateful that winter is ticking over quite quickly. Not that it isn’t welcome. In actual fact, have enjoyed this winter so much more than any other year. I think I’m learning to embrace the season and enjoy winter for what it offers, and how it encourages me to slow down. As good as it is, I know Spring is coming and that makes me happy! Spring is such a beautiful time. We see the start of a new growth cycle, not just reflected in nature but in our bodies as well.

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and prepare for the following year ahead. Much like we spring clean our homes, we can also be doing this to ourselves.

It can get confusing as to how to go about cleansing. There are so many ‘detox’ kits, cleansing formulas, programmes and potions, it can certainly deter the keenest of cleansers! What’s more, there are so many conflicting views. Some consider it to be dangerous – and I don’t disagree with this totally. Each and every individual should cleanse. However, it’s a matter of working out what is best for their bodies. If we embark on a program that isn’t suitable for the constitution of the person, it can certainly be damaging to the system.

You might wonder why it would be necessary to cleanse. It is true that your body does have its own way of detoxifying, unfortunately our lifestyles are far more toxic than our bodies can sometimes handle. Drugs, alcohol, water quality, stress and bad nutrition, all lead to build up of toxins in the body. When we cleanse, we allow our body to rid of these. If over time these are left sitting in our bodies, these toxins can lead to a host of issues including infertility, illness and disease.

So how does one decide what works best for them? If you are really serious about cleansing, it’s wise to speak to a health professional. Devising a cleanse that is specific to each patient is essential, given that no two people are the same.
In the clinic we run a ‘Spring Body Cleanse’ that does exactly this. It incorporates diet and lifestyle guidelines, specific to each patient as well as treatment and support throughout. We believe by implementing herbal medicine, acupuncture, clean eating and specific exercise, we can offer our patients a total body cleanse which is supportive as well as extremely effective – without compromise to the immune and other body systems.

If you're thinking of cleansing in the coming months, remember Spring is the perfect time. I get a little smile on my face knowing that my call to cleanse is coming. I can’t wait to feel new again.


  1. I have also just finished my cleanse which Nat has helped me though and I cant praise it enough! I thought I was quite healthy before but I truly feel so healthy and "clean" now! I sound like an infomercial I know! haha.

  2. If only you were over here. I could really do with one of these!


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