Monday, June 7, 2010

Coconut Vanilla Rice

Recently I have been adding pictures of things I have baked to my facebook page. It seems that so many of you are loving me sharing my ideas and cooking with you. Since starting our family, I have enjoyed cooking more than ever. I have always loved to cook, but recently I have taken things to a new place, modifying & making up my own recipes to make them healthier and more delicious for my family.

Good nutrition for me as a health care practitioner is of most importance. We can only ever expect out of our bodies what we put in. Its up to you, the individual to make sure that you are always choosing healthy options, never compromising on quality. People make silly excuses as to why they eat certain things, especially when they know that its not good for them! Thing is, it's their choice. Nobody else's. So there is no excuse. What's more, if you only have healthy ingredients in your cupboards, you will be inspired to use these and come up with new and exciting recipes. Be adventurous in the kitchen and Im certain you will surprise yourself!

Here's tonight's doing!

I opened the cupboard with the intention to bake. No eggs! So I stared in the cupboard and the coconut cream was screaming out to me to be used. What to do.... Coconut Vanilla Rice!

1 cup of brown rice
1 270ml coconut cream
1-2 cups of Bonsoy (depending on how your rice cooks)
1 tsp vanilla (I use the extract - very delicious)
1 tbs Organic Honey (or you could use maple syrup)

Combine ingredients and bring to a gentle boil. Simmer on stove until rice is cooked and it has a think consistency.

Perfect for a winter night!

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  1. Nat could you tell me more about Bonsoy? :)


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