Monday, June 14, 2010

Making up for lost sleep

Postpartum sleep deprivation can increase stress and slow down the healing process. Implementing good nutrition and lifestyle habits early on, can only have a positive impact on the road ahead.

There are so many consequence to limited sleep. Some are more serious than others. Whilst general tiredness will not harm the body short term, long term, fatigue can lead to a host of health issues. So how do you get in front?

First and fore most, getting sleep in where you can is obviously the best way to keep on top of things. This means sleeping when your baby sleeps. I found this so hard because it was at these times, when baby was sleeping that I had time to catch up on house chores. Truth is, these things can wait and it is far more important that you are sane, than have a clean sink!

Adequate nutrition is the next most important thing on my list. If you have all the nutrients that your body requires, it will always run better. This is important not only to supply your body with what it needs but also to aid in recovery after birth. Pregnancy is consuming and postpartum, a mothers vitamin and mineral stores will be low. Lets also not forget that if you happen to be breast feeding, you are having much of the nutrients you take in, taken out just as fast! Either way, at this time, excellent nutrition is a must. This may mean supplementation also, to 'top up' what you can't get through your diet. Eat plenty of green leafy veggies which are rich in plant enzymes, fiber and nutrients. Have adequate portions of protein and limit foods which are of little or no value nutritionally.

Along with nutrition comes adequate hydration. Good amounts of purified tap water are also essential to good body function. By drinking plenty of healthy liquids, our bodies can also flush out toxins which built up. Each time you sit to feed your baby, have some water yourself. Its a good way to make sure you are getting plenty in.

Fish Oil may be one of my most favorite supplements. It is wonderful to assist in healing, is helps our minds and supplies the body with wonderful nutrients. It has been shown to assist in treatment of post natal depression and is safe to take whilst breast feeding. Adding a good quality fish oil to your routine will help in so many ways.

How we enter the postpartum period paves the way for how our bodies recover and respond to what is going on around you. Of course, sleep is the best way for your bodies to recover, however it is really important to be aware of keeping your body well nourished and nurtured. Asking for help is just as important, if you feel that things are becoming too difficult, delegate! Each mother is different, but if you can implement this into your routine early on, it may assist in you in keeping yourself sane and afloat rather than sinking.

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