Thursday, July 1, 2010

When duty calls

Tomorrow Im off to do a hospital visit for a patient. She called me yesterday, distressed because she had been admitted to hospital for pre-eclampsia at 31 weeks gestation. Its really scary for any mother to be admitted 9 weeks before their due date. I can totally feel her worry. This was me. I too was admitted to hospital with Olivia at 30 weeks. I can't explain what happened to my world that day, but Im certain time stood still or at least went very slowly. Being in hospital and waiting for the unknown is awful.

But Im confident! Im looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and doing a 'house call.' I know I can use my knowledge to treat her and attempt to get things under control. If your not familiar with what Pre-Eclampsia is, it's the onset of high blood pressure during pregnancy which is serious for both the mother and baby.

So tomorrow I will aim to relax her and bring her body back to a parasympathetic state. This means that all body systems may have the ability to work better. By supporting the Kidneys (most important in treatment of reproductive health) we can also ensure that fluid is moving around the body and not building up. TCM excels in these circumstances as it treats the patient individually, as she presents. The diagnosis distinguished by careful observation of the patient as well as compiling their signs and symptoms. More than likely, the Liver has a strong involvement in high blood pressure. This means that its necessary to sooth the liver energy. Acupuncture has an affect on the endocrine system as well as the immune system, helping to inhibit an improper inflammatory response and prevent an autoimmune attack. Makes sense? Probably not to you but to me, all this means that we can really give the body some necessary support tomorrow and wait to see how the body responds.

Im keen to get in there tomorrow! I will keep you posted with this patients progress. Her situation is certainly on my heart and in my prayers.

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  1. I hope it all works out for this lady. I would think your blood pressure would get worse with this news. I know my heart is thumping and I am not her. That must be really scary. Sending her lots of strength, and low blood pressure thoughts!



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