Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HELP ME! I feel blah. I blame winter!

I hear this a lot lately. Truth is, winter is such an inward time, a real time of nurturing ourselves and reflecting. The real reason we prefer to stay in, eat a little bit more and comfort ourselves is because this is exactly what we should be doing. Our bodies know what they want; it’s our heads that run with the idea of needing to be out and about.

Winter can be hard going, because we make it that way. No season really should be more difficult to go through than the next, we just need to be mindful of where we fit in. We move slowly in winter, and for some, this can be difficult to surrender to. Slowing down the pace and spending time in is really good for you. Working our lives around the season and being careful not to overdo it is the key to surviving winter.

So, its time to listen to the notes that your body is humming! But how? First comes food. Its called ‘comfort food’ because it oozes soul, nourishes each and every part of us and makes us feel good. Warm wholesome food is really easy to cook. Often on a winter’s day, I raid the crisper and chop up anything I find. I brown it in a pot, add some protein, be it meat, beans or legumes, a tin of tomato’s, stock and let it cook; sometimes for hours. There is nothing better that wholesome, nourishing food.

On top of good food, you should sleep more. There is a reason that the days get shorter – it allows for more rest time. Having an extra hour or two to rest, equips your body with the essentials it needs to brave each chilly winter day.
Physical activity is still just as important as any other time of the year. Modifying the type of exercise you do, is the difference. Slower, less vigorous activity is best suited to winter. Specifically Yoga, Pilates and walking are great forms of movement. Adding these to your week will keep stress levels down and the blood flowing, making sure that all corners of your body are getting what they deserve.

And finally, think good thoughts! It’s really easy to get down and out in the colder months. Taking a walk outside when the sun is shining does wonderful things for you! A dose of Vitamin D from the sun can warm you right through. When you walk, see the beauty of nature at this time of the year. Even though some trees don’t have leaves, the colours are amazing. The air smells crisp and beautiful too.

Of course, if all this seems too hard because you don't eat well, or you can't sleep, it might be time for a tune up. When insomnia or poor digestion strikes, it is your bodies way of telling you something isn't working properly. A few sessions of treatment and you can be back on your path of wellness once again.

Winter doesn’t have to be awful. It can be beautiful, with the right amount of love and care that you deserve. You too can make this season awesome.

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