Sunday, June 20, 2010

Notice Served… baby its time to get out!

One of my most favorite treatments in the clinic is acupuncture for labour. It may seem odd, because lets face it, birth can be an icky topic! But you see, I have so much joy in hearing positive birthing stories. Many mothers who have pre-labour acupuncture, talk of a very positive birthing experience, no matter the outcome. Now, I can’t say that acupuncture is totally responsible, but many women have walked through my door at the clinic, and reported similar stories of quick and calmer labours, so I must be doing something right!

Pre-Labour acupuncture assists in preparing the body for birth. Research suggests that this alone shortens labour by up to 40%. That is good news to any birthing mothers ears! Treatment does several things. Over the course of 3-4 sessions, it slowly assists in ripening and gentle opening of the cervix, it helps relax muscles and tendons, opens the pelvic region and supports the overall function of the reproductive organs as they prepare for birth. Above all, it assists in supporting the mothers mind, which may be the most important aspect of all. In most women, these events should already be happening. By implementing acupuncture, the birthing mother can be certain that the body is being prepared. In some women, these essential pre labour steps may not be unfolding, and so it is even more important for treatment to be introduced.

Treatment usually takes place from 36 weeks and will continue weekly until the woman is full term. Using several weeks to complete this treatment means that its effects are gradual and accumulative. Pre-labour acupuncture will not force women into labour if she wasn’t already going to do so. I can confidently say this because treatments are it is mild but precise and differ greatly from *Induction acupuncture, where the intention and delivery of treatment is much stronger. Even better for her, is that it is very gentle and relaxing, and most importantly, reassuring that the body and mind will be as ready as possible for her beautiful arrival.

* Be sure to watch out for one of my next post on Induciton Acupuncture. It deserves an entry of its own!

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