Monday, February 14, 2011

Running for a cause - running for you!

I've spoken about exercise and fertility many times before and established the importance of getting the balance right. You can read more here. But today I have something else to share. How's this? Holistic Personal Fitness Training Services Melbourne. It's a tongue twister for a big load of personal training services with a difference. It's Hummingbird Health & Wellbeing.

Brooke from Hummingbird Health & Wellbeing contacted me last week. She was inspired by the post on Giving without expectation of reward - and so, in the spirit of community she
has invited team Pagoda Tree to participate in one of her running groups.

It's set to start 8am the 19th of February for girls to get together to do long runs - a free social session on a Saturday morning. Brooke says "the idea is to really encourage and motivate each other & encourage community spirit." I'm loving this.

Brook also has a group running on a Wednesday morning. This is a paid group which you are also more than welcome to join. You don't have to be running as part of Run for the Kids, although should you decide to join us there is still time!

Be sure to take a look at Hummingbirds services or drop Brooke an email with any questions you may have. Some supported training might just be the key to finding your balance. Remember, weight affects fertility so keeping it in check is a must for a happy and healthy woman (and man - nobody is exempt here).

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