Monday, February 28, 2011

breathing a NEW breath of fresh air

In...... and out..... For all those who joined me with the End of Summer Body Cleanse.... YOU'VE DONE IT! Well done to you. The emails have been flooding in of just how amazing you are all feeling. What's more, you have inspired a new week of cleansers - there is a big bout of cleansers starting today also. For the newbies, there is an entire weeks worth of recipes on the blog - so go back and check them out for inspiration, you won't be left hungry with these wonderful treats I have complied for you.

Cleansing is nothing short of a life changing process. Each and every time I cleanse I learn something new about myself. This time is no different - I've discovered a new level of clarity, and a real sense of calmness through my entire self. Many of you have been reporting this also, as well as a heightened sense of awareness not just within but for the things you are putting into your body. Be encourage to continue with good eating habits - we have been blessed with amazing and beautiful bodies - and in seriousness my heart does break when I see the way in which we can abuse and take ourselves for granted. Health isn't something we are simply given, it is something we need to work at and maintain.

Since substantial diet changes at the beginning of the month, I have been able to see a new perspective of just how important the fuel we put into our bodies is. The connection between fertility and food is even more evident to me right now. Poor food/lifestyle leads to poor gut function. The gut and the bowel are so closely related; the bowel and the uterus share the same nerve innervation; this sequence of events that occur inside us everyday must be oiled and greased correctly to work well.

Be encouraged by all of this, continue to eat well and respect your inner workings. There are some wonderful events coming up (like Sam's) that can show you new and exciting ways to prepare your food and deliver everything to your body that it needs! I will be joining the crowds next week at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival at some of their events - come along and learn something new too!

I'm so excited to be attending Sam's surf spa food event - come along with me - we might learn something new together!

SURF SPA FOOD EVENT Monday 7th March 2011. South Melbourne Market 6.30pm.

Surf RetreatsJoin therapeutic chef Samantha Gowing for a transformational journey into her world of Conscious Cuisine. Sam will share her proven methods of achieving optimal wellness in daily life. Discover the secrets of her global Surf Spa Food business and how you can create an amazing lifestyle in the hospitality wellness industry. A must for organic business and spa owners.

What: Surf Spa Food
When: 7 March
Time: 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Where: South Melbourne Market, Corner Cecil and Coventry Streets, South Melbourne
Cost: $110.00
Bookings: 02 6685 5400 / 0411 852 387


  1. I totally feel calmer. I am less likely to fly off the handle (who me? fly off the handle?!). I am still sleep deprived, but I attribute that to my 3 year old. Otherwise I feel so good, I am loathe to reintroduce the other foods - and will do as you say. Slowly, slowly. I'm going to introduce my little family to these healthier ways of eating, though I think I have turned M off my 4 bean and barley soup - with mighty results.. (OOPS!). Thank you for taking me on this wonderful adventure. As much as I would like chocolate, or think I would like chocolate, I don't know if it's worth it.

  2. How awesome are you Lexi! How wonderful is this feeling!! Well done I am super proud of you!! x

  3. Nothing better than eating well :)


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