Monday, February 7, 2011

Bottle feeding teeth debate

I had the happy experience to be on the Morning Show with Larry Edmur and Kylie Gillies on Monday morning.

The hot topic of bottle feeding babies was on the lips of many parents this week, after a study conducted by Westmed hospital in Sydney found that leaving bottles in a baby’s mouth for long periods of time can lead to significant tooth decay. Babies as young as 12 months are having their teeth removed due to decay.

See what I have to say here:

Since then I have been asked my stance on bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

I am an advocate of breastfeeding when this is possible. That said, if for whatever reason (and I realise there are so many) a woman is unable to breastfeed there are certainly things you can do to help support your baby. I recently wrote two blogs for the practical parenting website on these topics.

As for the tooth decay? There are several things that can lead to tooth decay in small children. As Dr Richard Widmer mentioned in the segment, lactose (sugar) in milk is one contributing factor as are sugary drinks - including fruit juices.

Pharmaceuticals (including anti-biotics) can also lead to tooth erosion. It's a good idea to be mindful that if you or your child is taking medication, you can support the body with a good pro-biotic as well as other healing such as spinal care to maximise immunity and lessen side effects.

Supporting a formula fed baby with these things could also lessen infections.


  1. I watched you on sunrise yesterday and I thought what you had to say was really valuable information and I appreciate how you have followed up here.
    I will add this to my tween gloss blog for my readers.


  2. Nat you are AWESOME! Well done beautiful lady. x

  3. Nat, Can you recommend a good probiotic for kids when they have to be on antibiotics? Thanks!

  4. Sure - inner health plus for kids is great!


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