Sunday, February 20, 2011

D - Day. End of Summer Body Cleanse :: Nat's pumpkin curry

Today see's the first day of the End of Summer Cleanse. If you aren't familiar with this - it is a program that I have been chatting about here on the blog, which sets you up for a week of cleaning out every corner of your body.

As promised, over the next 7 days you will see many new recipes pop up on the blog for those participating. If you aren't joining in on the cleanse - these recipes can still make their way to your table! Be inspired by health food and clean vegan eating. It might not be your cup of tea but I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, even if only for one day to see what you and your body is capable of. Watch how your body responds. Of course initially it takes a great dose of willpower, but as each day rolls on, it gets easier and easier. By day 7 - you're in a habit of it and I can bet my last dollar that a large handful of you won't be ready to finish cleansing. Cutting out specific foods that are literally toxic to our system does wonderful things to our inner workings - and of course increase fertility considerably.

Whatever reason you have stopped by the blog today, cleansing or not, this recipe is a mighty wonderful Monday night healthy treat. You've seen it on here before - it is a beauty!

*Cleansers note - today, day 1 is the hardest as your body adjusts and 'withdraws' from sugar, caffeine and refined foods. Keep up the water - drinking one glass hourly at minimum. You may experience headaches as your body detoxifies - know it's normal and not harmful. An early night may be on the cards tonight.


  1. Crikey - I am a bit behind. I thought Monday was day 1! OOPS! Oh well, I will be a day behind and be inspired by those ahead of me! Woke up feeling woeful with sinus head aches.

  2. No Lexi - today is day 1 - today is Monday no? START TODAY!

  3. I see why... my fault. Today is day one. x

  4. Oh that curry rocked my world, so worth the wait. Yummmm

  5. Glad you loved it Bel - it's a winner! I cook chicken separately and add it at the end for the rest of the family - keeps everybody happy!


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