Monday, November 29, 2010

Esoteric Healing

This is Sara. She is my beautiful business partner. We have been together for eight years now. In this eight years, we have shaped our treatments into something we know is both gentle and extremely effective. Recently Sara has added a new facet to our services here at The Pagoda Tree - Esoteric Healing. I sat down for a chat with her about what it is and who would benefit from it. Here is what she had to say;

What is Esoteric Healing?

‘Esoteric’ means ‘inner-most’. Healing, in this case, refers to the ‘true’ meaning of the word where the energetic root cause is addressed and cleared. So Esoteric Healing is a modality that can help someone to heal by discovering a connection to their inner-most, which is the connection to their inner heart. In the inner heart we can discover the true truth, so anything that is ‘not that’ can come up to be healed.

Our bodies are naturally at the very least ‘gentle.’ This is the ‘natural’ rhythm of our bodies. However, most do not live this way… we are very far away from it!! In fact, in a session when I ask clients to begin by breathing gently, they find this very difficult. This is great for them to experience because then they can see the momentum they have been in and hence, how far away from gentleness they actually are.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is presented by Serge Benhayon from Universal Medicine.

Why does it appeal to you?

Esoteric Healing feels very true to me. In my own experience I have discovered what it feels like to live in gentleness and then also begin to discover that that is just the beginning!

In helping people to discover more of who they truly are rather than improving function alone feels very important to me. Most people are in a lot of motion, highly stressed, emotional, anxious and are not connected to how their body ‘feels’ which is our most natural sense.

Most of all, for me - it is beautiful to witness when people feel, maybe sometimes for the first time, how awesome and lovely they really are.

For fertility & women’s health Esoteric Healing is invaluable. A woman will begin to connect to her body and her own gentleness. She will also begin to feel where the issues are really coming from.

What should a patient expect?

When someone comes in for the first time, I talk a little bit about Esoteric healing and the Gentle breath meditation. I will also ask them about their body and where they are at right now. What do they feel? What’s coming up for them at the moment (emotional, stress, specific situations, etc)?

After we chat briefly I will ask them to get up onto the table where I will place my hands in different positions on the body, using specific patterns, depending on what’s going on. The client is not required to do anything at all, just to let go into the session as much as possible and let their soul do the healing.

After a 1 hour session, I may chat briefly about what I felt in the body however sometimes I prefer to leave them in their gentleness- feeling their own loveliness.

It is totally up to each individual as to how often they come. It is important for them to feel what is right for them. Each session helps to clear what is coming up and also helps to deepen their connection with themselves, their body and their inner-heart. So if someone has recognised their own gentleness and they feel committed to building this in their body, they may decide to come weekly or fortnightly for a while to support this.

I have been enjoying the benefits of sessions with Sara. It's wonderful for us to have different treatments available at the Pagoda Tree that can appeal to many clients because one thing we know - is that no two people are the same. It's a matter of finding what works for you.

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