Sunday, November 7, 2010

Be simple. Eat simple. Get out of your pickle!

You can eat them though! Pickles are very good for you, excellent for healthy gut function.

I've been sifting through research articles that have made their way into my inbox. To be totally honest with you, my brain is frazzled. The do's and don'ts that are fed to you by us 'experts' probably leave you feeling not too dissimilar. Brain fried. I mean no disrespect, there is a huge realm of valuable information out there, but by the same token, if we were to take it all on board, we would live on a diet of air and water and even then, more than likely these elements would be polluted and then where are we left? In a BIG pickle. Of course, what I tell you will often vary from the practitioner next door, not because I'm trying to be different, but because I use methods that work for me. When it comes to the clinic and how I choose to educate my patients, it's all about efficacy; what sees my patients have fast, but lasting results. I want healthy people and lots of them. Why? Because healthy people make healthy babies, quickly.

So as I sifted though the emails, I considered writing about causes of increased cancer rates, how studies indicate that antibiotics are making us fatter, how vitamin D is affecting fertility as well as our psychological state of mind (I could keep on going and going) but one thing kept coming back into my head. More than likely, we wouldn't be in this pickle if we ate and lived more simply. I read Sarah Wilson's blog post yesterday and it has been resonating in my head ever since. She talks about eating close to the source because basically, we are slowly killing ourselves with the food choices we are making, and what's worse, many of us are simply unaware of what we are consuming. She goes onto add that if we all ate cleanly and steered clear of 'diets' there would far less health and weight issues going around. The bottom line is you cannot go past fresh ingredients and foods you make yourself, from scratch. And no, this doesn't include a jar of 'poultry tonight' or similar, because that is the very food I'm talking about.

My point is this. As valuable as all the research and results, do's and don'ts are, it can be overwhelming and seemingly too hard. It may be easier to give up or dismiss the research because perhaps you don't know where to begin. The very best place to start is in your own home. Start eating more simply, thinking more simply, breathing more simply. Clean out the pantry, chuck out the nasties, do the same with your fridge. Every part of your being will thank you for it. And then, once this is done and your body is being fueled with food and drink which can ONLY make you healthier, the rest will become clearer as you do so. It is from this point that you can then look at the do's and don'ts with more clarity and decide from a place of health which are most appropriate for you.


  1. I found your blog through sarah wilson.... i love it! Great tips and interesting reads... will definatly be coming back! I have PCOS any tips for that? Been struggling for 2 and half years to try and fall preggers! Thanks for your lovely blog!

  2. Hey TWW! Thanks for stopping buy. If you use the search function to the left of this box, you will find some useful PCOS info on here.

    This post springs to mind for you

    Thanks for your lovely comments and be sure to leave comments when you feel the need, I love them!


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