Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 1, house call.

As I blogged yesterday, I was asked in to help treat a patient who had been hospitalised for Pre-Eclampsia.

Treatment went well and we used points to focus on her presenting symptoms and overall constitution.

At one stage, I had a Doctor come in who was fascinated with what I was doing and how acupuncture works. I was pleased that she was positive about it, because lets face it, acupuncture isn't integrated into main stream medicine much yet. Im certain that the day when acupuncture and herbal medicine is integrated into our medical system, isn't too far away. Many practitioners are certainly starting to see the benefits of integrated medicine, its just a matter of both health systems opening up and allowing each other in. This will happen in my time as a TCM Dr. It has to ,because the results in doing this can be fantastic and give people a new time of health care they deserve.

So we will sit tight and see what the next few days bring. I hope that by adding acupuncture to this patients course of treatment we can achieve a long and healthy pregnancy.

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  1. thinking of her... and you through this. You are amazing what you do for women! xx


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