Sunday, July 4, 2010

Treatment #2! The Pre-Eclampsia Journey

So I've just gotten home for my second visit to the hospital to treat my patient.

It was so lovely to see her, I wish I could just take her hand and tell her everything is going to be ok. Whilst nobody can actually know this for sure, I know that by integrating acupuncture and some herbal medicines to her collective treatments, Im certainly more confident that her body and baby are being supported as best as they can be. It gives me peace of mind, because I too have experienced this first hand. Many memories are being jogged for me as I treat this patient. I too went into early labour with Olivia at 30 weeks. Looking back now, this was one of the most scariest experiences of my life. The lack of connection I felt in my body was incredible. However, following the realisation of disconnection came a massive sense of control. I took control of my body at that point and never looked back. I integrated herbal medicine, acupuncture and most of all plenty of rest and I was able to support Olivia's pregnancy until 40 weeks. It wasn't only physical strength, it was emotional and mental strength that I found. Its sometimes, not until that point of utter dispair that clarity may be seen. I know for me it was a turning point.

For this patient, there are more complications than I experienced. Pre-eclampsia is proving to be putting up a fight. However, today things are looking more stable and she is looking well! I feel honored to be part of this process and trust that we can do great things to see out extra weeks for this pregnancy and beautiful baby inside her

Oh and one more thing! See the flowers I have posted with this blog. They are sitting on my dining table and making me smile. Perhaps next visit I should take some to this patient, I think they would have the same effect! So beautiful.

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  1. please take her flowers.. they do wonders for a woman's soul. Or tell me where she is and I will send her some! I don't even know her, but I am hoping you are updating your blog with her story for the next 8 weeks at least.

    Thinking of her, and you! xx


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