Monday, January 31, 2011

Me, Feb Fast, Alcohol & Fertility

This year for the first time, I'm taking part in Feb Fast. I'm not doing this because I need time off alcohol - I'm doing End of Body Summer Cleanse anyway. I am doing this because I see first hand how alcohol can affect the body and most relevant to me and my practice, affects fertility.

Feb Fast is a program run to encourage people to pause, clean their body and raise awareness and money to assist resource centres around Australia. You can read more here.

Alcohol consumption is up there with stress when it comes to being a fertility zapper. We know that by cutting out alcohol, we increase a couples chance of conceiving by up to 50%. We also increase their health at the same time; a huge bonus! This may be more relevant to men, who are often able to drink more than women can. Our recommendation for couples who come into the clinic with fertility in mind, is two standard drinks per week many of us would be guilty of far more than that, especially during a weekend.

Over the month of February I will be writing more about Feb Fast, alcohol, fertility and health. I encourage you to think about taking part - there are so many great reasons to participate both for the individual and for the greater community. I'm on team for Sarah Wilson - her team last year raised over $8K. Top effort that.

If you can’t survive the month - you could always support me here. (hint hint, nudge nudge - I would love that!)

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