Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breakfast Eats

What do you eat for breakfast? It's easy to be fooled by cereals and breakfast foods that claim to be healthy but are in fact loaded with sugar, salt and other refined ingredients. Nutritionally, your probably better off eating the packaging. Not all cereals are offenders - but the majority rank rather poorly when put under the nutritional microscope.

Since my September Body Cleanse, I haven't gone back to heavy carb loaded breakfasts. I stick to a hot beverage and a bowl of fruit. I continue to eat fruit for the morning if I need to. Some days I want more and others less, but I always listen to my body. It's easy to stick to lighter meals in summer and as an added bonus summer fruits certainly pack a sack full of nutrients, including antioxidants.

If your unfamiliar as to what antioxidants do, they provide the body with essential nutrients which assist in fighting diseases including cancer and heart related illness. Berries contain very high levels of antioxidants. I'm in love with karak berries at the moment! Colourful fruits (and veggies) contain a huge variety of essential vitamins and nutrients that the body gladly invites and uses throughout your day.

If you do enjoy your cereal, then I encourage you to choose wisely. Read the labels and familiarise yourself with what you're putting into your body. Choose cereals made of whole foods with less ingredients. Muesli and puffed grains are fantastic options.

So, what's in your bowl this morning? I've shown you mine... show me yours!


  1. Ha ha ha Nutella on toast and a coffee. Oh No I fail!

  2. struggling to find gluten free brekkies which keep me going until lunch time! I may well go down the fruit route for the rest of the summer too!

  3. If it doesn't feel like enough, so many things can be added like nuts, yoghurt, rice porridge etc. These days a big bowl of fruit keeps me going till lunch!


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