Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why it’s good to Celebrate.

Images from my daughters 1st birthday. She turns 3 next year, my how time flies. As for me, I must make more effort to take a snap or two of me blowing out the candles. I don't have any!

I anticipate one day each year. 1 day in 365 days. 24 hours out of a possible 8760. There is a lot of waiting involved. Yes, I’m a kid at heart, but my birthday is one day I get really excited about.

As a kid, my parents made a big deal of our birthdays. We didn’t get regular gifts throughout out the year, but on that one special day we got spoilt rotten. It’s any wonder I love it so much! I distinctly remember the countdown to my 21st. Of course, I was counting down the days, but I wasn’t alone. My dad called me every day for 7 days in the lead up - just to tell me how many more sleeps there were. True story.

I can thank my parents for creating many special memories for me, both birthday memories and others. It’s the little things like these that we pop into our memory bank for recollection in years to come.

Here's what I don’t do. I don’t NOT celebrate my birthday. I once felt the need to let it ride. Just another day right? WRONG! I spent two years thinking I was 27, it was like 28 never registered because it was never celebrated. I blame the fact that I skipped that birthday. Imagine the horror when I discovered I have skipped being 28. I went straight from being 27 to 29!

Make every minute count. Do your best to be your best everyday. Cherish the special moments everyday, not just your birthday but create lasting memories for your little memory bank. It’s nice to make lasting happy memories.

Did I mention happiness is good for your fertility too? Of course it is.


  1. happy birthday to my lovely friend. glad you are celebrating.

    bum you missed a whole year of your life!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY foxy mama. I hope you had a super fantastic, awesome ace and super duper wonderful day.

    Happy Birthday beautiful mama.

  3. hap, hap, happy birthday! i definitely agree - it's important to celebrate celebrate the big milestones...and also the small ones!
    hope you had an indulgent day

  4. Happy Bifrumday (as my aunt would say). Hope it was wonderful! Thanks for the reminder about making memories :)


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