Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

Olivia Reading her books & A Fruit Box a patient gave to me, made my day!

I've been sitting here trying to find some inspiration to write. It's so funny how things come into the mind, usually just before I'm about to drift to sleep or when you least have a pen and pad handy. I find this happens to me a lot. I have brilliant idea's, I almost always forget what they are by the time I sit to write!

Just now I was flicking through my phone, smiling at the pictures I had taken through-out the week. The more I looked, the more I smiled. I had captured many things that made me happy this week. Some materialistic, some heart warming and others totally random. Bottom line is that these little things keep me going.

In the busy lives we lead, we often don't make room to stop and do things for ourselves. We're either not in the habit of it, or we feel indulgent. But how can you expect to be at your best when you don't have time for you? So many signs and symptoms we experience are directly pointing to your bodies craving and need for R & R. We let the problem snowball, and it's sometimes not until it smacks us hard in the face, that we realise what we have been missing all along. I recommend to all patients that they take, at the very least 4 hours to themselves each week. 4 hours isn't much, unless you have kids/friends/family, households and work to fit in! You must make time for it. This is especially appropriate to those visiting me for fertility reasons. Clearing the calendar for a few hours each week is essential. Doing the things that make YOU happy mean that your mind and soul is getting it's needs met. We know we can't seperate the mind and the body. So it's inevitable that by practicing this, the whole body benefits.

I thought I would share with you some images from my phone of things that have made me happy this past week. I hope you enjoy them. Why not start capturing 'things that make you happy' yourself, so that at the end of each week, you too can reflect and start the new week happy and healthy. Happy, healthy people make happy, healthy babies.

From L to R:
1. My keep cup! 2. I won a prize!! (Jane Iredale Bronzer) From Checks & Spots Blog go check it out, its an awesome blog! 3. A nail paint brightens any woman's day!


  1. Hoorah! Glad you received you prize safe and sound. Thanks for sharing the love and giving me a little shout out!

  2. So very true and a great reminder to stop and take time out for oneself. So happy to have found your blog as I am currently trying to fall pregnant for the 2nd time (after having previously undergone IVF).

  3. Oh welcome Amanda! Yes! You are in the right place. I'm so pleased you found me. x

  4. nails look good nattie, I think red next time x


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