Friday, March 4, 2011

my fertility sandals

You might have heard me joke about my fertility sandals recently. They are my very orange and much loved salt water sandals and came all the way from little pinwheel. So why am I referring to them as my fertility sandals? Well, I know that the colour orange, according to various therapies represents fertility - hence the crowning 'fertility sandals.'

Orange is the colour that carries both yellow and red. When you combine these properties of the two colours you get subtle influences of both - orange might be the colour you should be sporting right now! It's also related to the uterus, large intestine, breasts, testis & prostate - all the necessary organs for reproduction. Its influence is said to treat aliments including period pain, digestive issues and support breastfeeding. It also stimulates the thyroid (important for fertility to stimulate hormones).

If you're reading this wondering how this all works, I assume you're not alone. I'm not an expert in colour therapy but my understanding and logic certainly tells me that when I wear particular colours, I reflect a certain mood. More scientifically, colour is said to vibrate a specific frequencies just as organs and glands in our bodies also do the same. Colours respond to areas of the body the vibrate the same frequency - this meaning that these organs (mentioned above) must vibrate to the same tune of the colour orange. When we become sick, our body become imbalanced and may not function in their proper frequencies. When we can restore this (using colour in this instance) we can benefit health and create harmony within.

So whats the best way to incorporate orange into your life? According to Alla Kondrant, it's best not to go painting walls - subtle and small is the key. Use orange accessories both as attire and to decorate your homes, especially the bedroom. She says that orange is sure to brighten up the space and enhance communication between a couple.

Orange is a warm colour - great to lift any spirits but a colour that isn't as much now days (compared to the 60's & 70's). Watch out if I find me some orange boots this winter - I will be all fitted up to the neck to take on this fertility business! Or I could simply dress like Hayley from little pinwheel but would my patients take me seriously is the question....

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