Saturday, March 5, 2011

GIVEAWAY :: Emma & Tom's Life Bars

I almost tripped and gave myself whiplash when I took a double take to check out these beauties.

WOW! Fruit bars that are actually GOOD for you - packed with enzymes, antioxidants and busting with deliciousness. I'm in love. REAL love - my favourite is the cacao & orange bar.

These wonder bars are made with no more than 5 ingredients and include exceptionally choice ingredients. But what got me was - NO SUGAR! They are all kinds of fruit and nuts. They had me at hello.

Head to the website for more info - Emma & Tom's Website

I have to share. I'm giving away one of each flavour (4 in total) to one lucky follower. Just tell me which flavour you think would be your favourite. (I mean how do you decide? How good does Lemon Fig sound?!!) For your nearest stockist refer to the website - or we have them at The Pagoda Tree for you to grab one to try at your next visit.

* winner will be announced & notified Wednesday 9th of March.


  1. I think the cacao and orange would be my favorite too. How yum does that sound!?

  2. Awesome find Nat! I am going to have to jump on the bandwagon too and say that I think cacao and orange would be my fave.
    I blame the ex-chocoholic in me!!!

  3. Well I think the cherry sounds very nice. Fig and lemon I would love to try, sound very interesting, bananas are alsways hard to go past. BUT unfortunately I also have to go for the cacao and orange who can beat a little chocolate in their life.
    And because of that I would love to win this little comp so that I can fully appreciate how wonderful and healthy these bars are :)

  4. I think Fig and Lemon sounds like it could be a fav. Why? Because figs are super delicious, good for you (and your bowels!) and lemons are just so lemony, zingy and good for you in a cleansing kind of way. But they all sound delish!

  5. I think Cacao and Orange - why? It will trasnport me pack to eating s jaffa's on the couch witha videa or at the cinema, so a quiet night in, a Cacao and Orange bar, and my guilty Fotxtel pleasures - Bliss!


  6. It'd be Fig & Lemon or Cacao and Orange... I do love me a lemon-y treat, but I agree with the Jaffa-y goodness theory above too...

    Are these Australian made, perchance? I love LaraBars, but they have to be imported from the States, which kind of sucks in a small country town like mine.

  7. Aussie owned, aussie made :)
    Check out the website for details!

  8. fig it to me natty! I'm a sucker for the pucker of lemon and freaking fantastic fig!!

    Rhiannon XOX (indiepoo)

  9. The cacao and orange sounds divine! Nom nom nom can't wait to try one!!!

  10. Orange + chocolate is my favorite mix of flavors EVER, so I'd go with orange + cacao for sure.

  11. Fig and Lemon for me... Maybe it'll be like a healthy Lemony tart (which I used to love during my unhealthy days). I adore figs at the best of times and love the strong zesty lemon flavour (I have trees of both at home, I love them so much).
    These bars sound delicious - my mouth fills with saliva just thinking about them! :)

  12. Cacao and orange I think would be my fav. But it was a hard choice!! Maree whitehead


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