Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second time around... more stress, more pressure?

"So when is the next one coming along?"
I actually think I have been asked this question four times today. And as for yesterday, at least twice. If I tally it up for the week we are probably sitting at at least 20. Thats a lot of asking! Now, I assume I may get asked this question more than most because of the line of work I am in, and honestly, I don't mind. However, what I can appreciate is how stressful this question may be to those who are trying without success second time around.

The first time we enter pregnancy, we really don't have much insight or experience with what lies ahead, simply because we have never been in that situation before. Some of us are fortunate enough first time round to not necessarily 'try' to conceive and others the journey has been longer, but the fact remains that the second time around, we do have some idea as to what will lie ahead.

What also differs second time around is that you have a child already. You spend endless hours looking after them and the meeting their demands which is a strain on the body. We may still be waking to them overnight (surely Im not the only one) and in many cases our bodies don't quite feel the same as they once did.

Add to this associated fears going into the next pregnancy and you have yourself quite a large bundle of extra added stress! Now many specialists will argue that stress will not cause infertility. I would go as far as saying that it might be, in my experience, the number one cause (aside from structural problems). Stress affects our bodies, right down to the cellular level - a proven fact, which demonstrates to me that stress, be it emotional or physical and even that which we aren't conscious of has a great impact on our reproductive health. Don't get me wrong, I do not think that there is just one factor that has a negative impact on our fertility, overall health is just as important.

We are having amazing breakthroughs in the clinic with assisting patients deal with emotional and physical factors. Using TCM to support the body as well as wholistic techniques to facilitate the 'offloading' of stress is proving to deliver amazing results.

Its not always possible to remove all pressure, but teaching your body to cope and process thoughts and feelings will enable you to approach the next pregnancy with an open heart and an open mind. The lack of sleep and the endless questions from others will still be there, but the effect they have on you may be less as you learn to 'de clutter' that what makes you stressed!

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