Thursday, March 4, 2010

PCO dieting... is it really necessary?

Diet and lifestyle is the most important factor of overall health. Study after Study supports that good nutrition is the foundation of good health and prevention of illness and disease. Food plays a major role in the control and healing of Poly Cystic Ovaries (PCO). Most of the symptoms, be it weight problems, skin conditions, energy, menstrual irregularities and facial hair can all be improved by eating the right foods and provide your body with the nourishment it requires to function optimally. This also goes for avoiding foods which are not helpful or have a negative impact.

Of course, in the clinic we use a combination of treatments in conjunction with diet and lifestyle to treat PCO. Chinese Medicine allows us to treat each PCO patient individually because no two women present the same. This means that treatment is totally unique and specific to the patients needs. Given this, we get excellent results combining Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture with necessary Diet and Lifestyle changes.

For a women with PCO, it is most important to regulate blood sugar levels, to balance hormones and improve other symptoms that are present. The easiest and equally important way to do this is with food.

Insulin resistence is a very real issue in suffers of PCO. What this means is that the pancreas secretes insulin in response to food intake. Correct function would encourage the bodies cells to store away or use the energy of a meal. The Pancreas of a women with PCO secretes more insulin as they become ‘insulin resistant.’ This basically means that the body doesn’t quite get the message – to release a normal amount of insulin, so in response it releases higher levels. The problem with this is that large amounts of insulin in the body stimulate the ovaries to produce large amounts of male hormones. This then stops an egg being released from the ovary and a women may cease to ovulate. Evidently, if the wrong foods are eaten, too much insulin is released. If the correct foods are eaten, insulin resistance can be reduced, and your body becomes responsive again. Given this, it is really quite easy to see why a good diet is imperative for women diagnosed with PCO.

Food isn’t only important to women with PCO as it helps with insulin resistance but it is vital to all as it contains essential nutrients, which the body needs to function properly.

As a Dr of Chinese Medicine, one of the most common women’s health issues I see in the clinic is Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Severity will vary from person to person, and sometimes diet alone isn’t enough to combat PCO, but it will allow other treatments to work quicker if the body is supplied with all the nutrients it requires – eating to benefit the body not to hinder its function is they key!

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