Wednesday, February 24, 2010

After the Holiday....

So I've been MIA for the past week, so it seems at least. I knew where I was, but others might have wondered when I had been (of course they are only human). I do wonder why I leave it so long to take a well needed break? I know how good I feel after a holiday and I know I want to feel this good all the time, so why do I leave it so long in between breaks?
I read some excellent books whilst I was away which have also inspired me and taken time away from thinking about work - its amazing how this creates space to get some perspective on all aspects of my life.
So now Im back. Ready and excited for the year ahead. I feel like now I have had my proper holiday (not just time off work but time AWAY from everything), and Im energised, excited and ready to take on the challenges of the year ahead. I don't lie when I say Im excited because there are big plans in place for this year, and Im so ready to make these happen!
So tomorrow, Im so keen to get into the clinic and get right back into it!
Moral of the post... take a holiday!

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