Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another day in the office....

Im truly blessed with a job that is not ever the same day to day. I crave a challenge and thrive on being successful in what I do - not for personal gain, but to see results in my patients is beyond satisfying.
I thought part of this blog should be a reflection of what I do in the clinic, and so far my entries have certainly been a result of situations and questions that have come up over recent weeks.
Whilst the majority of what we do at The Pagoda Tree is focused on Women's Health & Fertility, our scope goes way beyond this - and, what's more, looking at Women's Health & Fertility alone presents with a huge variety of issues in the clinic.
On Tuesday my patients complaints ranged from; several patients coming for early pregnancy with threatened miscarriage, PCOS and delayed Ovulation, Neck & Shoulder issues, several woman trying to conceive (one requiring acupuncture to induce Ovulation), a patient who suffered with a bleed on the brain and a woman attending for guidance with Cleansing her body via fasting.
Even though several of these women were coming for the same issues, ie threatened miscarriage or fertility, TCM doesn't treat them in the same way. This is why Chinese Medicine is so successful. It assesses the individual, this apparent by signs, symptoms, the pulse and the tongue presentation which allows me to diagnose the situation and treat accordingly. By doing this, I know I am giving my patients the most appropriate and specific treatment. I can be confident that if I have diagnosed correctly, by the time I see them next I will see positive changes occuring in their health - a reflection of the state of the internal workings of the body.
This is obviously an example of one day in the clinic - and I know that tomorrow will differ again! Im overjoyed by the variety my job brings. Im even more thrilled with what can be achieved through the amazing ability of Chinese Medicine and a willing patient.

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