Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why the Iodised Salt?

A very special friend of mine recently asked me.. "Why do you use Iodised Sea Salt?" My answer, "Health benefits!" What I should have gone onto explain to her was the benefits of salt with Iodine. Iodine is necessary as it enhances fertility as well as prevents miscarriage, mental retardation and brain disorders; hence why in the clinic, we advise wanting and expecting mothers to include a small amount of Iodised Sea Salt in their diets! The mineral has been added to salt to assist us in increasing levels of Iodine in our bodies. However, some would argue that Iodine is synthetic and toxic. I can't disagree - it's tricky! It is something we require and the general population may not be getting enough of.
Iodine can be found in quite small amounts in eggs, milk, sea fish, sea food and sea vegetables such as kelp. Whilst I am not a fan of supplementation, we face the real issue of our soils not being able to adequately pass on iodine to the foods we eat, because slowly we are destroying the quality of the earth.
As always, quality matters. Regular Iodised table salt won't do. It is synthetic and toxic. Natural Sea Salt is best. Oh, and before you go to add more salt to your plate... Stop! Large amounts of salt leads to a host of health issues, so keep it to a minimum.

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