Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sick Christmas Bellies

I shared this on the Practical Parenting website yesterday. I thought it appropriate to share on Fertile Body, Heart and Soul also. This time of year is crazy. A few of my tips, might just help get you and your little ones through the silly season.

With the festive season in full swing many parents may find themselves with sick little ones – usually following a session of over indulgence. I hear the same story so often - children literally eating themselves sick.

Most young children lack the ability to switch off when they are full. Their immature gut and digestive systems simply can’t handle foods the same way that adult’s can – in fact many adults lack the ability also. In addition this time of year foods are generally richer and heavier than normal, children are probably allowed more treats and are eating at irregular times. This places substantial strain on normal body function.

My best suggestion throughout the Christmas period is to aim for a balance. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure that your child is getting the nutrients they require - unfortunately it doesn’t come in the shape of candy canes or snowballs. Even the fussiest of children generally have at least one healthy food they do enjoy, so be mindful and aim to get the good stuff in.

If you do find your child ill from eating too much, it is common that vomiting will occur (often overnight). Usually it is nothing to be too worried about and normally the child wakes the following morning feeling ok. If vomiting continues be mindful of dehydration. Introducing a probiotic to assist the tummy is an excellent way to get things working well again. Also try to limit foods and keep a bland diet for a few days. As difficult as it may be, it is important that you don’t allow a repeat effort of overeating too soon after. Immature tummies do recovery very quickly but if they are repeatedly abused long term digestive issues can result.

There are so many delicious foods around including healthy ones, so enjoy and be mindful your family’s health this festive season. I wish all readers a wonderful Christmas and many blessings for 2011.


  1. Good tips for adults too - I can get all my nutrients from champagne and pudding!

  2. I agree with Fiona! I think it's easy for us all to overindulge at this time of year! :)


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